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Khelduar, which is the alliance of two words “Khel” meaning “Sport” in Hindi and “Duar” meaning “Door” works. Khelduar is the Entranceto world of happiness and empowerment through sports and creativity.

At Khelduar we specifically work with boys and girls from penurious families in rural West Bengal, India—a place where both boys and girls are at risk of human trafficking, gender violence and child marriage. At Khelduar we use team sports and education as a vehicle to infuse confidence, courage and shape character.

In a nutshell we craft a place where young minds from disadvantageous background can meet to strive, achieve aims, and builda livelier future.

Khelduar prepares disadvantaged youths to break the shackle of paucity and discrimination.

Founded in 2017, Khelduar Foundation,evolved itself as a name in breaking the barrier in Sports & Life-skill in the disadvantageous section of populations across the districts of West Bengal.


A community where children break out from the shackle of disadvantageness and lead a healthy life, full of fulfilling and contributing positively towards their community and to the humanity around them.


Khelduar will help a children and youth on a journey from a childhood of abject adversity to respectable livelihood. Khelduar will deliver a programme that teaches life skills and flexibility through the beautiful game of football, starting from early schools, thus will ensure that their early education is optimized and paves the way to their overall development


  • To provide quality education to under privileged children with modern learning aids and scientific methods.
  • To provide talented children in football and other sports scientific coaching, diet, equipment and all other amenities, thereby enabling them to have careers as a professional sportsperson.
  • To provide health services to disadvantaged strata of society including regular medical checkups; educating adults about child health, dietary habits and child psychology;
  • To create awareness, through various activities linked to sporting events and otherwise, regarding infectious diseases and also lifestyle related non infectious diseases.
  • To provide atmosphere conducive to positive development of children by arranging regular cultural competitions, seminars, talks and debates which are incidental to their all around development.
  • To create awareness on environment protection; and taking initiatives to save environment by planting trees awareness about waste management.
  • To provide Vocational education and career counseling to youth thereby increasing their employability.
  • To implement programs related to women empowerment, health, nutrition and education by working with gender focused community based organizations.
  • To ensure wider dissemination of participatory developmental approaches, methodologies and strategies for improving socio-economic status of disadvantaged strata of society throughout the eastern & north eastern india.
  • To mobilize resources by close coordination, liaison & linkages and establishing partnership with Government and Non Government Organizations, Organisations, Associations and clubs and other developmental agencies/institutes.


Pioneered by two willful brothers from the district of Jalpaiguri,who we mulling the idea of forming a football team in their neighborhood sports club, with a big dream of making it to the national entity, but witnessed the striking inconsistency in the behavior and life pattern of the players.

This motivated the formation of “Khelduar” as a sports centric development program and with time Khelduar began to help boys and girls challenge thesedetrimental social barriers through team sport and creative pursuance.

In 2017, Khelduar started focusing on young Girls & Boys at the elementary level through school partnership. Khelduar is focusing on educating the girls and boys,  beyond the regular classroom in Subjects, Creative Art, and life skill through structured curriculum. Khelduar enrolls Girls and Boys aged between 6 – 14 in its program.