About Us

Our Genesis

Khelduar, which is the alliance of two words “Khel” meaning “Sport” in Hindi and “Duar” meaning “Door” works. Khelduar is the entrance to world of happiness and empowerment through sports and creativity.

Khelduar engages and empowers young people from penurious families from fragile socio-economic conditions, to overcome hardship and prosper in a fast changing world, using sports and creative life skills approach. At Khelduar we use team sports and education as a vehicle to infuse confidence, courage and shape character. Khelduar focused on creating youth role models in the defragmented communities in India.

Our Genesis

Founded in 2017, Khelduar Foundation evolved itself as a name in breaking the barrier in Sports & Life-skill in the disadvantageous section of populations across the districts of West Bengal.

In a nutshell we craft a place where young minds from disadvantageous background can meet to strive, achieve aims, and build a livelier future.

Khelduar prepares disadvantaged youths to break the shackle of paucity and discrimination.

Our Mission

To assist a children and youth on a journey from a childhood of abject adversity to respectable livelihood, through the beautiful game of football, starting from early childhood, thus encouraging them towards completing education for optimizing their overall development.

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Our Vision

We envisage a community where children gets an opportunity to break out from the shackle of disadvantageness and lead a healthy life, full of fulfilling and contributing positively towards their community and to the humanity around them, thus becoming a Role Model!

Our Team

We have well experienced professionals guiding children and youths towards the path of success. From managing the sports programmes to building the skills, our team is actively involved in each and everything. The development of the children and youth is in the hands of the best team.

Child Policy

  • Treating all children with respect and dignity
  • Committed towards child development without any discrimination
  • Implementation of the activities with the interest of the child
  • Equal opportunity to every child to express the views
  • Friendly environment for children to learn from each other