Star Khoj Program

Star Khoj Programme ( Football Outreach Programme)

Star Khoj Programme is the searching programme organized by Khelduar to find the best young football talents. Football is such a sport which is loved by every children and youth, however many of them do not get the proper coaching and training to move the skills and talent in the right way. So, we have taken the initiative of giving that right opportunity to the young football talents of the country.

Star Khoj Programme

We have a good scouting system to look for talented young stars who have the great potential to become the professional football players in the future. Many skilfull young children will be given the training session by the trainers and coaching staff. They will teach right from the basics of the game and nurture the youths. We find the best young talents with our large searching network and also look at the matches and to overview the individual performances. The brilliant football skills of children and youth will not be wasted because of the introduction of Star Khoj Programme.